Bunsen餐厅开始是由厨师Tom Gleeson在都柏林创建的。他们在店内营造出一种都市和休闲的气氛,在他们的第一家海外分店中,融入了周围哥特式社区和当地酒吧文明的特征。墙面上的窗布让人想起了典型的邻里酒吧,餐厅两个进口之间的衔接走廊则让咱们想起附近大街的通道。

Bunsen was originally founded in Dublin by the chef Tom Gleeson. Though as a brand they project an urban and casua朱见溢l atmosphere, for the opening of their first branch overseas, the restaurant incorporated recognisable features of the surrounding Gothic neighbourhood and local bar culture into its interior design. While curtains ornamenting the walls bring to mind the typical neighborhood bar, a connecting corridor between the twoggg-优异国外餐厅赏识「西班牙一间30平米休闲餐厅」 entrances of the restaurant remind us of passageways of the neighbouring streets.


The centerpiece of Bunsen is a ceramic bench, which curves along the walls of the restaurant (a wink to our modernist heritage). Like other designs in the area, its sinuous shape is not gratuitouslyggg-优异国外餐厅赏识「西班牙一间30平米休闲餐厅」 decorative, but also accommodating to the human figure. Along the Catalan vault constructed over the indoor corridor, these organic shapes play with the city’s memory we find encapsulated in the local architecture and interiors. The result is not a closed off restaurant area, but a fluid and open space – much like the Mediterranean culture it is situated in.

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拍摄ggg-优异国外餐厅赏识「西班牙一间30平米休闲餐厅」:Enric Badrinas