Instagram for Artists: Showcasing and Selling Your Work on the Platform


Instagram is a mobile app designed to help users share photos and videos of their personal lives with friends and family. But what many people don’t know is that it has also become a very successful business platform in recent years. Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. However, even though it is successful, there are still some challenges that you need to consider when using Instagram as a business tool. Buying Instagram likes from Go Read can help you increase your visibility on the platform and reach a wider audience.

Here are ways to showcase and sell your work on the platform:

You Need to Have a Good Photo

People don’t have time to wait for blurry, improperly framed or just plain boring photos. When you are making work on Instagram, you need to make sure that your photos look professional. Although the images you post on Instagram are much smaller, people still expect good results. If your photos aren’t good or if they are just plain boring, get rid of it! You won’t be able to sell your work if you have bad photos.

Create a Strong Call to Action

Create an “about” section on your Instagram account so that followers can learn more about you and how they can contact you.  As the owner, set the image that explains what your business is all about. This is very useful, especially if you are trying to showcase a certain specific piece of artwork.

Create a Strong Brand

The main goal of your Instagram account is to build a strong brand and establish yourself as an authority in the field of artistry by offering your followers a range of pieces from different mediums, styles, or genres. You need to be very creative when you first start because you don’t have many followers at all. You can also post about your process, new techniques you are trying or any events that you are planning to attend.

Post Regularly

A successful Instagram account has one thing in common, and that is the frequency of posts. They make sure that their followers know what is going on by posting regularly. It’s important to post often so that people get a chance to see new updates from your profile. This way, they’ll be more likely to follow you back and engage with you through comments and likes.

Hashtag Those Away

It may seem like a no-brainer, but if you have a brand or your name as the hashtag of your account, it will help you to get more exposure and interaction. This is because it means that people think about you and when they see a piece of work by your name under the hashtag, they are more likely to click on that link.